A cactus flower made into a young lady, whose quite, sky and polite. Sees the best if everyone, but quietly.


ALIGNMENT- Principled (lawful good)
RACE- Cactoid
STATS- 5’0" 92 lb female with bright pink petals (hair) and dark green, waxy skin.
ADVANTAGES- abhorrantly adorable, animal speech, demon & monster speech, weather read and control,
summon animals, summon monsters.
FLAWS- small, physically weak, shy, timid, fearful of everything, worry wart.
BEST STAT- physical beauty and charisma
WORST STAT- physical strength
ARMOR- was gifted with a magical rubber suit that works like a SCUBA suit so that she can
breathe undwerwater and commune with water animals. Also protects her from lightning.
WEAPONS- Staff Of The 4 Dragons- +1 to her spell strength and protects her from any 1 specific
element at a given time.
SUMMONS- *Ebysael’shesene (Esper- fallen Demi-god: ‘batgirl’ ), *Avethlain (Esper- fallen Demi
god: water-burrowing squid), *Rankek (Esper fallen Demi-god: flying tongue squid),
Eric (bee), Sebastian (scorpion), Jasper (giant vampire bat), Angel (bunny rabbit),
Col.French (horse), Karl (demon-possessed llama), Abigorr (Meeleck).
FRIENDS- Lady Skritlyn (BFF), Lady Celina, Ving DuBal, Warbon Shaid (<3), Turvok, Lokyil
Greenwind, Lord Harkon, Glenda Redfang


A slave girl turned diplomat, she came along on this adventure to help her BFF, Lady Skritlyn (a thrill seeking, spoiled brat of a thief). She realized early on that she had the rare and unique ability to empathize and befriend powerful monsters as well as fallen and cursed demi-gods. As such, she is their liason in the battle against enigmatic Tzarkaine Pyuul, the blood priest Mo’or Krydaan, and now the dangerous, God Slayer Vyseral- Ancient Great Horned Dragon of Yin’Sloth. Her magical powers to read and control weather, as well as command animals and monsters is also her trump card when it comes to fighting, which she herself avoids at all costs and would rather everyone just be friends and love each other.


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