Lord Harkon

Take Winnie The Pooh and Arnold Schwartzeneggar and make them an 11' Barbarian.


ALIGNMENT: Aberrant (lawful evil)
CONCEPT: slave, soldier, mercenary.
RACE: Ursian (Bearman)
STATS: 11’8", 2800 lbs, male mountain of muscle, honey colored fur, long flowing brown hair,
red eyes; runs around in “He-Man” shorts.
DISPOSITION: strong silent type, mean susypicious and paranoid.
MAGIC: none.
ADVANTAGES: large, supernatural strength and endurance, master swordsman (2handed)
WEAKNESSES: large target, slow witted, never wears armor.
ARMOR: none.
WEAPONS: Stonehenge (a petrifying runed dopplehander), the Tenderiser (2 handed steel
warhammer), the Shatterstar (2 handed Mace with a very useful spell upon it).
INSANITY: berzerk rage- when he’s mad, he fights without thought of self concern and cannot
discern friend from foe.
FRIENDS: Glenda Redfang (<3), Clover, Duvant.

As a small cub, he lived a very peaceful life in the 100 Acre Wood of Algoria. But a group of Iron-clan raiders came out of Ophid, led by Rexxor The Hellbranded, and his innocent and peaceful life was destroyed before his very eyes. The woman who raised him and a second sone to her child (they were kangaroos), raped and slain. The wealthy farmer (a Rabbit man), was cast alive into the fires of his burning harvest. The wise old Owl and the depressed donkey were both killed by fiery arrows and even their resident warrior (a tiger) was chased up a tree, which was then lit on fire and he cooked to death (aparently he didn’t know how to climb down). Even his best friend Christopher, who fought bravely to the last man, was killed by Rexxor himself and his head put on a pike so that all would know that he had defied the Hellbrand. Taken as a slave, he eventually fought for his freedom as a soldier, and when the enemy couldn’t kill him or take him alive, he began hiring himself out to those who couldn’t defeat him and soon became known as the Lord Of The Mercenaries. But, as chanse would have it, he had an encounter with a female assassin that forever changed his live. It took a few more adventures (rooting bandits out of a prison, murdering pirates, successfully double-teaming a Gorgon) for him to realize what this fiery and fearless female had kindled within his very dead heart, but at that same moment, he made the mistake of accepting a deadly tool as a gift from Tzarkaine Pyuul to defeat a horde of deevils. A for all that the Stonehenge made him unstoppable on the battle field, it brought out the worst in him; a cold, angry killing machine that not even Glenda’s love can reach or redeem (or so it seems?).

Lord Harkon

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