Master Ghenos K'Faek

"Kefka" from FF6.


ALIGNMENT: Miscreant (chaotic evil)
CONCEPT: Wizard- Elementalist/ Warlock
RACE: Human
STATS: 5’6", 155 lbs, male with bright blond hair who dresses colorfully and paints his face
like a Harlequin or Death Jester.
DISPOSITION: cheerful, friendly, optomistic, smart-ass, sociopath and narcacist with a God complex.
MAGIC: Fire Elemental Magic (mastered- level 8), Invocational Magic (accomplished- level 6),
Water Elemental Magic (intermediate- level 4), Air Elemental Magic (intermediate- level
4), Glamour Magic (accomplished- level 6).
ARMOR: Bio-regenerating Banded Leather that possesses the following enchantments: bar fire and
impervious to poison. It is a light armor that doesn’t interfere with his spell casting
WEAPONS: The Pillar Of Fire- can cast Ballistic Fire 5 times a day without spending PPE, +1
spell strength, and + 1 to all saving throws.
SPECIAL SKILL: once a day he can cast the same spell twice in the same turn.
FRIENDS: Ving DuBal whom he grew up with.

An orphan with a single peer growing up, Ghenos and Ving DuBal came up as any brothers would (causing lots of trouble and getting each other out of trouble) on the Isle Of Yoda. But Ghenos had a thirst of power and knowledge that was unquenchable. He left the isle and traveled all over the world, seeking arcane secrets and learning the elemental arts from any sorceror foolish enough to teach him. But it was he who discovered that there were fallen dieties throughout the land, not to mention that it was he who first realized that Tzarkaine Pyuul was the ladt remnant of the ancient and world-ending power that the Old One’s possessed. He began this quest, but not without his friend, DuBal to protect him along the way. What he didn’t plan on, was the annoying lady thief and her entorage to be after the same treasure (the gems she longed to obtain just so happened to be the power cells for the long dormant legendary spells of the Old One’s). Thus, they all travled together, and though Ghenos had greatly enhanced his powers by accepting additional help, in order for him to fully take Tzarkaine Pyuuls power from him, he will have to slay the girl Clover, and her body guard, Celina C’Yin, because they have commited an unforgivable trespass, as far as he is concerned; they befriended the demi-gods, who don’t seem to want to have anything to do with the sociapathic wizard.

Master Ghenos K'Faek

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